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Dr. Roland R. Clarke

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Dr. Roland R. Clarke is currently in private practice in Barbados under the name Clarke Energy Associates (since 2008).

We specialise in advisory, training and project development services for energy policy and legislation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, demand side management (DSM), and electric utility planning. 

We provide in-house and public training in clean energy project analysis and economics using RETScreen.  


Our Services - Policy:

* Energy policy development for sustainable energy including:
(a) Legal drafting instructions for Electricity Supply Acts;
(b) National planning using energy balances;
(c) Electric Utility Licensing (franchise agreements);
(d) Policy analysis using benefit costs analysis of DSM and
      renewable energy grid integration scenarios based on
      electric utility planning and production cost simulation
      software and national energy planning models

* Electric utility regulatory strategies for renewable energy and
   energy efficiency

Our Services - Training:

 * RETScreen - Financial analysis and project analysis software
    for renewable energy engineering systems, and whole building
    energy efficiency.

 * Corporate Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with special
    reference to ISO 500001 and the PRONet training facility of
    the Caribbean Export Promotion Agency.

 Our Services - Technical:

* Project preparation and project management for climate change
   mitigation initiatives using the rules of the Global Environment
   Facility, GEF and the United Nations Development Programme,

* Feasibility studies based on bottom's-up engineering process
   models and analysis for renewable energy and energy efficiency

* Solar photovoltaic (PV) system concept design, site analysis,
   costing, specification, procurement, and project management

* Financial analysis and project analysis including economic,
    financial, greenhouse gas (GHG), sensitivity and Monte Carlo
    risk analysis

* Electric utility production cost simulation, marginal cost
   analysis, forecast of electric market clearing prices, and avoided
   cost analysis

*  DSM benefit costs analysis, and DSM programme planning for
    electric utilities

* Energy Audits

* Project Management

Our services - Project Finance:

* Legal aspects of clean energy projects including recommended
   sample legal  documents

* Advisory on land leases for renewable energy projects

* Due diligence

Our Clients:

* United Nations Development Programme, UNDP (2016)

* International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA (2015)

* United States Agency for International Development, USAID

* Econoler (2013)

* World Bank and ESMAP (2012)

* Natural Resources Canada, RETScreen (2012)

* Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, REEEP
   (2009 - 2013)

* Government of Barbados (2010 - 2014)

* Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, Caribbean
   Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) (2002 -